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Advisory Councils

Business Advisory Council

The Business Advisory Council provides key strategic insights on a number of the most challenging issues facing Lincoln Center and the cultural fabric of New York City.


Katherine Farley (Co-Chair)
John B. Hess (Co-Chair)
Steven R. Swartz (Co-Chair)
Robert Alexander
Cathie Black
Aryeh Bourkoff
Russell Carson
Ravenel Curry
Stephen R. Howe, Jr.
Brad S. Karp
Charles Kaye
Howard Marks
Anne Welsh McNulty
Thomas K. Montag
Indra Nooyi
Charles Phillips
Martin Rozenblum
Alan D. Schwartz
Tad Smith
Kevin Ulrich
Brad Wechsler

Lincoln Center International Councils

Members of Lincoln Center’s International Advisory Councils provide critical perspective and financial support as Lincoln Center seeks to strengthen its artistic, educational, and knowledge leadership initiatives outside the United States and with expat communities living in New York. Advisory Councils currently exist for China, Latin America, and India.

China Advisory Council

Yang Lan (Co-Chair)
Katherine Farley (Co-Chair)
Lang Lang (Honorary Chair)
Joseph Bae
Angela Chao
Guoqing Chen
Shi-Zheng Chen
Irene Chu
Victor Chu
Akarin Gaw
Mali Sananikone Gaw
James Hexter
Harry Chi Hui
Handel Lee
Ning Liang
Vincent Lo
Yiling Mao
Jinghui Meng
Dee Poon
Sophie Xiaohong Qi
Shen Wei
Anna Pao Sohmen
Tan Dun
Frank Tang
Boming Wang
Oliver P. Weisberg
Nora Wu
Clara Wu Tsai
Adam Chikeung Yu
Allan Zeman
Ruheng Zhao

India Advisory Council

Anand Mahindra (Chair)
Ajay Banga
Hari Bhartia
Shobhana Bhartia
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Punit Renjen

Latin America Advisory Council

Katherine Farley (Chair)
Gina Diez Barroso de Franklin
Alain J.P. Belda
Ana María Diniz
Roberto Hernandez
Claudia Madrazo
José Roberto Marinho
Renata de Camargo Nascimento
Martin Rozenblum
Catalina Saieh
Sonia Sarmiento
Hugo Sigman
Mariano Sigman
Gustavo Vollmer
Martin Werner